Growth Marketing: Importance In the 2023

If there aren’t any customers to market your product, then your company has no connection to the marketplace. With more than 600,000 new businesses coming up annually in the US.

It’s difficult to determine how you’ll be able to compete in markets.

To break the chain and make your business stand out from the rest of the pack. It is essential to move a step further to be able to conquer the market.

The most effective approach is to devise a powerful marketing strategy that provides customers with great satisfaction and can be a great area to expand organically and promote word-of-mouth.

This is why Growth Marketing is an effective method of scaling the business.

Let’s explore Growth Marketing strategies and understand their importance in business.

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth Marketing is a more powerful and effective form of traditional marketing that is systematically optimized for customer interaction with a product or service. It uses A/B testing, Email Marketing, SEO Optimization, Creative Ad copy and Technical Analysis.

The data collected from these techniques are immediately implemented by Growth Marketing Teams.

Why Growth Marketing is Important?

Growth Marketing is not all about placing an advertisement and then forgetting about it, similar to what we used to conduct when we were in Tradition Marketing.

However, it is a new section that is being developed in conjunction with traditional marketing by analyzing the interaction of customers.

For example, while running Google Adwords, we only focus on traffic and customer acquisition, where we don’t put much effort into nurturing potential prospects.

In Growth Marketing, we not just put them in our funnel, but also care for the prospects for a few days to establish trust in the service or product of the company.

This technique is known as Growth Marketing has shown some amazing results in the process of converting potential customers into customers for the company.

Growth Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Being a marketer, have you ever noticed some gap in the company’s performance?

Or you have tried to make some minor changes but failed due to lack of authority?

The reason for this is Traditional Marketing is separated from the product. In contrast, in Growth Marketing, you are able to make adjustments to products based on market needs and understanding.

Growth Marketing focuses on the entire customer journey from the beginning of the market funnel to them being a customer. However, Traditional Marketing’s priority is to generate brand awareness and customer acquisition.

Growth Marketing starts from the beginning of the marketing funnel, brand awareness, customer acquisition, retention and beyond. Conversely, Traditional Marketing aims to get website traffic, build awareness and turn prospects into customers.

Growth Marketing Priority or Goal

Brand Loyalty – Growth Marketing uses Email Marketing to build trust and loyalty in customers’ eyes by providing special deals and offers.

Quality Product Through this method of marketing, customers are treated as kings because each customer’s feedback, suggestion, and opinions on product and service improvements are tracked.

Upgrading Marketing Techniques – Growth Marketers continue redesigning marketing campaigns using A/B testing, which helps increase your conversion and lead generation.

Marketing Options – It offers flexibility to connect with customers in their preferred places, such as through email, social media and even websites.

What Type of Companies Hires Growth Marketers?

In short any company that prefers to maintain its revenue for a longer period of time.

Have you heard about Airbnb, Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more?

They all have one thing in common i.e, a dedicated team of Growth Marketing Specialists who take care of their product and make strategies with time to increase the company overall revenue.

For example, if you have a high demanded product then hiring a Growth Marketing Specialist will be your best investment.

Hiring a specialist will give you leverage on your competitors who are new in the market. Here are the benefits you can get after hiring.

Increase In Customer Retention

As per the report, SaaS companies lose 2% to 3% of their customers annually. That clearly indicates that the growth of the company must be 30% to 40% every year if they want to maintain its previous annual revenues.

Managing Marketing Team

Hiring a Growth Marketer will help you manage the marketing team without your active involvement. For example, a marketing team is divided into various forms such as SEO, Website Developer, Advertisement Department, Creative Team, Copy Writer and so on.

If you assign a project to a copywriter, you need to follow up about the project’s current situation, or else they will come to you if there is any problem.

And you can’t be the problem solver all the time. So, hiring a Growth Marketing specialist will help the firm in filling those gaps.

Tools Required for Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing requires a good investment in different tools that are required to market research and customer interaction with different website.

Growth Marketers use these tools for gathering data and developing strategies for their company’s product. In addition, it assists them to run and test various advertising campaigns.

  1. Ahref
  2. Convertkit
  3. Video Editing Software
  4. Audio Editing Software
  5. Website Builder
  6. Content Writer(Person)
  7. Instapage
  8. Funnel Builder
  9. Snov Email Checker


Growth Marketing may not be the most effective marketing method for every business available. It needs the right foundation for growth and success, which startups aren’t able to manage.

If you’re planning to expand your business in order to visualize the growth potential, adopting certain Growth Marketing techniques will help you increase traffic and build trust with customers.

For an instance, you can use Email Marketing techniques to acquire more customers and start nurturing them.


What is the salary of a Growth Marketer in the USA?

In the USA, an Entry-Level Growth Marketer makes around $75,000 annually. Whereas an Experienced Marketer makes somewhere between 115,000 to 125,000.

What is the salary of a Growth Marketer in Canada?

In the USA, an Entry-Level Growth Marketer makes around $39,000 annually. Whereas an Experienced Marketer makes somewhere between 82,000.

What is the Benefit of a Growth Marketer?

Growth Marketing help in increasing a company’s sales and customer retention by building trust in people’s eye.

Why do Growth Marketers need tools?

Growth Marketing professionals employ these tools to conduct analysis of technical aspects and also to gather data on customer retention and behaviour on various websites. This lets them create an effective strategy for the business they work for.

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